Overcomer is a faith-based film with only one goal in mind

Often, it’s best to go into a film knowing very little about it, but some films have a very specific audience and Overcomer is one of them.

What you must know before accidentally walking into a two-hour-long parable, is that Overcomer is just the latest in a string of Christian dramas produced by brothers Stephen and Alex Kendrick.

It turns out that the name “overcomer” itself is a term taken from a bible passage, but of course, you’ll only connect these dots if you’re a religious person. 

The Kendrick’s have described the film as “unapologetically Christian”. This is the most polite way of warning you that this is a film so heavy with religious agenda that you’ll barely be able to swallow your popcorn because your throat will be stuffed so full of God’s love.


It starts out as the story of John Harrison (played by Alex Kendrick). He’s the quintessential middle-American middle-aged white male and the small-town high school basketball coach. He lives and breathes basketball and is firmly convinced that his team’s next season is going to be the best yet. 

John’s made the rookie mistake though of counting his chickens before they’ve hatched. When the local manufacturing plant shuts down, family after family is forced to flee the town in search of more work and before you can say “Love thy neighbour” he is left without a basketball team at all. Cue the identity crisis.

Instead, John is roped into coaching the cross-country team, and I use that term loosely because it’s actually just one young asthmatic girl named Hannah (Aryn Wright-Thompson). His new role and a chance encounter with a blind, diabetes-suffering hospital patient force him to re-examine what’s important to him. It also draws him further into Hannah’s life as she too is questioning who she is other than an average athlete.

Alex KEndrick and Aryn Wright-Thompson in OVercomer

Overcomer’s holy message is that God the creator determines who we are, and in times of uncertainty, we should always pray. Setting aside the overt religion, as best as one can in a film that beats you over the head with it, Overcomer lacks tension of any kind. The story is predictable and predictably bland and the acting is unremarkable. 

The most surprising thing about it is that it somehow made it to big screens rather than finding its way straight to the Christian channel.

All in all, Overcomer preaches to its choir and wider audiences won’t be the least bit interested in listening to the long pushy sermon.

Principal in overcomer

SEE IT if…

You’re a devout Christian


You’ve hit rock-bottom and are considering meth


You’re an atheist


You thought this was a sports movie

It gets 1.5 stars out of 5.

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