Here’s the truth…

Creative writing is useless in business unless you have a strategic plan behind the words.

Though it might seem obvious to start with your business goals, you’d be surprised how many people decide they need a website, a blog or a brochure without putting any thought into it beyond wanting to reach more customers.

This is where my marketing expertise and copywriting skills will combine to produce words that not only sound amazing but also compel people to take the desired actions for you to kick your business goals.

So here’s how we make that happen…

Step 1: Goal setting.

  • Complete a questionnaire establishing what we’re working towards.
  • We’ll discuss your answers, ensuring we’re on the same page.
  • You’ll receive a complete proposal, including the project plan, timelines, cost and contract for working together.

Step 2: Getting write to it.

  • I’ll conduct the necessary research to begin writing.
  • You’ll receive a first draft and we’ll chat about what’s working and what’s not.
  • You’ll get up to two more rounds of feedback/revisions and external proof-reading.

Step 3: Goal kicking.

  • I’ll hand over a final polished project that’ll have you kicking more goals than Messi.

Let’s start!