Gore and girl power propel the wicked horror-comedy Ready or not

Grace (Samara Weaving) is on the verge of realising her dreams. As a foster child who longs to be part of a permanent family, she’s about to marry her handsome fiancee Alex (Mark O’Brien) who’s family is both large and rich.

There’s just one life-threatening catch. 

Before she can be accepted into the Le Domas family, who made their wealth by creating and selling board games, she must first draw a card revealing a game to be played at midnight.

Unluckily for Grace, she draws Hide and Seek- the one card that means either she dies at the hand of the family when found, or the entire family will perish at dawn.

The exciting and original premise is coupled with a large robust cast featuring Adam Brody, Andie McDowell and Mark Czerny.

For a film with such a sizable cast, the writing does a superb job of giving background to each member. It gives the audience plausible reasons why so many people might engage in such an abhorrent game and is particularly careful to ensure you can be sympathetic to Grace’s husband’s position.

Ready or not samara weaving

In her first starring role, Weaving, who’ll be sick to death of Margot Robbie comparisons before you can say “Ready or Not!”, is the perfect petrified protagonist. She simply nails her character arc from hopeful bride to gun-wielding wife on a warpath.

The tight story helps her along, forgoing the horror tropes of the damsel and distress that hides under the bed and arming her with believable reactions including weapons of choice.

Ready or Not tells us that families can be poisonous (both figuratively and literally speaking), which is something a lot of films seem hesitant to say. It also appears to have an opinion on rich people, but other than pointing out that they’re all a bit strange, it’s not entirely clear what that opinion is.

For the most part, Ready or Not is chiefly concerned with doing just what it should- providing gore and laughs. The humour is mostly physical comedy and well-placed f-bombs, but it’s consistent enough to break up the bloody deaths, without diffusing too much tension and will easily keep you amused for 95 minutes.

If you think your family is dysfunctional you might find a bit of popcorn-friendly relief with Ready or Not.

SEE IT if…

You think your family is crazy


You only watch the OC re-runs for Adam Brody


You’re engaged and already a bit suss on your in-laws


You feel sick at the sight of blood

It gets 4 stars out of 5.

Not your thing?

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